DIY Broomstick Skewers


In my personal opinion, Fall begins the moment September arrives. My favorite event of fall is, of course, Halloween! At LMP we've been preparing for Halloween ahead of time, because we're so excited for all the parties, costumes, and fun decor that comes with this holiday.

Our first DIY for Halloween are these easy broomstick skewers, which are perfect for adding decor to your table. You will need plain wooden skewers, dried wheat grass, hot glue, and string.


Step 1: Cut off the head of one stem, and cut down the rest of the stem into 2-3 inch pieces.


Step 2: Glue the head of the wheat to the end of a skewer.


Step 3: Line up the skewer and the wheat pieces over your string and then tie it tightly around the head of the wheat.


Step 4: Use the hot glue around the edges of the string, and cut down the excess length.


Step 5: Skewer up your favorite treats and SET THE TABLE!


Happy Fall!