DIY Pretzel Bar


We love pretzels of every shape and size, with every type of type, eaten on any day of the year. What better day to eat all out favorite pretzels than on National Pretzel Day?! We set up our own pretzel bar just for the occasion, and it's super easy for you to do too. Step 1: Set up your bar with the following ingredients: -Your favorite type of pretzels. We chose soft baked, rods, and mini sticks. -Hummus, cheese dip (we used this recipe), chocolate chips -Add-ons, like veggies for the hummus, or sprinkles for the chocolate


Step 2: Start dipping! We dipped our chocolate pretzel rods first, so the chocolate had time to harden.


Step 3: Try every kind of pretzel. Because they're all wonderful!


Happy National Pretzel Day!

DIYMaggie AntalekComment