DIY with LMP: Father's Day Fancy

father's day 1

Father's Day morning will be dedicated to pancakes, playing games, and running around with the kids. But I think it's safe to say, all Dads really want on their day off is to relax. Show him your appreciation by setting him up a night with the other dads. What more could he want than to have some time with guys, taste testing whiskey? And the best part is you can give him that night in the comfort of your own home.


To set up a DIY Whiskey (or any type of liquor) tasting for Dad you will need:

brown kraft paper pencil ruler sharpie whiskey glasses


1. Draw a line down the middle of the table, the long way. This way, you can separate your places for the whiskey so they can travel around the table in order.


2. Print out some numbers or letters for inspiration. After deciding on 6 whiskeys, I separated the table into 6 sections and numbered them roughly with pencil.


3. Once you're happy with your labeled sections, use the sharpie to darken them. They will be much more visible on the table once colored in black.


4. Remove the excess pencil you used as guides.

Now you have a table ready to be set. Add glasses, bottles of whiskey and some greenery if you'd like! We had purple succulents leftover from a party that we styled throughout the table. Oh, and don't forget to set out some pencils. This way the guys can make some notes on their favorite Whiskeys.

father's day 3
father's day 2
father's day 4

Happy Father's Day!