DIY with LMP: Gold Shell Labels


This week, I've got a REALLY fun DIY for everyone. A couple weeks back, the girls at LMP threw a beachy Bachelorette Party. I took it upon myself to add to the decor with some amazing labels for our charcuterie, so the guests could identify all their favorite meats and cheeses. And let me tell you, we sure did need them, because this board was PACKED with goodies.


The steps are very simple, but require some patience and a steady hand. You'll need: 1) shells 2) gold spray paint 3) fine point black sharpie

IMG_9254 copy

Step 1: Spray the insides and outsides of your shells. Weed out the ones with bumpy surfaces, as they will be too hard to write on.


Step 2: Gather your list of what needs to be labeled. Find a font you LOVE and print out your list so you have an easy reference to copy. Slowly begin outlining your words, making sure to save the shorter ones for smaller shells.


Step 3: Once you've created a good base for the word, go back to bolden and smooth the edges.


Step 4: Place your labels in the appropriate places, and watch the whole display come together.


Our shells really made a difference on this gorgeous setup, and they even matched our DIY Seashell Flower Pot! (see below, on the left side).


We can't wait to see how you style your own shell labels at your next party! Make sure to use #littlemissparty or tag @littlemissparty on Instagram to show us your skills.

Until next time!