DIY with LMP: Memorial Day Skewers


I don't know about you, but the girls at LMP are reveling in the fact that it's finally time to party outdoors. The grass is green, the sun is shining, and we're ready to head to the beach. With all the Memorial Day cookouts approaching next weekend, we decided to come up something fun and quick we could contribute to any party.

Let's be honest, everyone is looking for a quick, sweet treat on their way to the cooler.

Our first thought: GUMMIES!

Second thought: BEACH THEMED.

Third thought: SKEWERS.


Step1: Head to the bulk candy section for blue fish, red lobster, and white shell gummies. You can pick any shape or color, we just happen to love this beach theme!

Step 2: Hit the farmer's market to fill a crate of wheat grass that will help the skewers stand up. You will probably have to trim the grass down so it's not too tall.


Step 3: Skewer away! We decided to go with a pattern (red, white, blue, red, white, blue...) so that the rows of skewers would look nice once they were all lined up. But a mixed order of colors and shapes could work just as well!


Step 4: Push 'em down, line 'em up! Once you've skewered all your candies, start your lineup in the wheat grass. Make sure to press down HARD until you feel the skewer break through the bottom layer of soil and stand up on its own.


Step 5: Enjoy your creation! These gummies will be a hit this weekend, and a perfect addition to any Memorial Day table.


Have a great holiday weekend!