DIY with LMP: Paper Wall Flowers


So if you've been following the blog the past few months, you've seen how much LMP loves party crafts. But we also totally understand that crafting is not for everyone. That being said, this craft is BEYOND EASY for a day when you're in a time jam to decorate for your upcoming party. Quick, simple, and easy even for the crafting dummies.

You'll need: crepe paper roll (heavy, 19" wide, any color to coordinate with your party) scissors tape string


Step 1: Cut your sections of paper. Keep in mind that the full 19" width will be the diameter of your flowers. For variety, also make flowers using half of that width, or any varying width below 19". We recommend a maximum 24" of length (for a wider flower) and a minimum of 12" of length (for the smaller flowers).


Step 2: Fold your paper, accordion style, in 1" sections across the whole piece.


Step 3: Pinch the folded paper tightly together, trying to crease the edges as much as possible. It will NOT look perfect, and that's okay. It will still work just fine!


Step 4: Tie the folded paper right in the middle, keeping the knot on one of the flat sides so it can be tucked away.


Step 5: On the same flat edge, bring the two ends of the paper together so the folds fan out.


Step 6: Use tape to hold the ends together. We recommend taping in multiple places along that edge so no openings appear.


Step 7: Repeat on the other side to fan out the entire flower.


Step 8: Hang up your finished pieces! Luckily, these pieces are nice and light, so a little tape of simple string will hold them just fine.


For some extra flare, feel free to cut along the edges for scallops or pointed petals.


Beacause we had so much fun crepe flower crafting, we are giving away a free roll of yellow crepe with the purchase of every LMP in a Box! Offer ends Friday at Midnight.

Until next time, crafters!