DIY with LMP: Seashell Flower Pot


If you're anything like us ladies at LMP, you're constantly thinking about sunny beach days. This week, we were inspired to make a new table centerpiece based on our love for The Hamptons. We're sure you'll love it too!

You'll need:

terracotta pot gold spray paint hot glue flowers


Step 1: Spray your seashells and pot. Give them each a clean, even coat and lay out to dry.


Step 2: Heat up your hot glue gun, and place a dot of hot glue on the edge of a shell.


Step 3: Place the shell against the pot, holding it there until the glue hardens.


Step 4: Continue covering the pot with shells using the hot glue. Fill in all the gaps by turning the shells to fit the spaces.


Step 5: Add your choice of flowers to the pot.

And that's it! Such an easy, beautiful centerpiece for any summer table.