DIY with LMP: The Floral Ice Bucket

Hey partiers! I’m back with another fun trick that will be perfect to try out this spring, especially if you like serving chilled champagne to your guests. This ice bucket is something you can make right in your kitchen as long as you have 2 buckets, a freezer, and your favorite flowers.

It’s no secret that everyone loves to decorate for a springtime party with bountiful bouquets. But it gets EXPENSIVE. So we decided not to let our best flowers go to waste once they started to wilt. Start by cutting your flowers down to just the heads, petals, and leaves. Separate them so you can make decisions about how you want to place them. Find 2 buckets of different sizes. One must have a smaller circumference, as it will act as the space holder. Keep in mind you will be freezing the buckets with water inside, so no glass!

Create your first layer by laying down a mix of petals and flowers in the bottom of the larger bucket. Then pour in 1-2 inches of water and make sure the petals are evenly distributed around. Put the bucket in the freezer for a few hours, until the bottom is completely solid.

Take out the bucket and place the empty, smaller bucket inside. Start to carefully put the flowers, leaves, and petals around the sides, making sure the empty bucket stays in the middle. Next, pour water into the bucket until you see it rise to the top and cover the flowers and petals. If you have big flowers like ours, it will be tight enough that it won’t move around much. If you don’t, just keep in mind that you might have to rearrange the flowers once they begin to float around. Place in the freezer over night.

Once you remove the bucket from the freezer, run some warm water into the empty bucket until it loosens enough that you can remove it.

Do the same for the outside, and slip off the outer bucket. It will be big and heavy and slippery, so be careful and stay over the sink!

Next, find a platter that suits your taste and place your chilled bottle inside! Now you have a perfect centerpiece for your drink table that will match your spring vibes.

Until next time!