DIY with LMP: Turn yourself into art confetti


Every now and then we work with clients who come to us with the most amazing ideas and ask for our help with executing. That's what we were dealing with her when one of our most creative clients said she wanted to have an art themed birthday dinner.


There were so many incredible details that made up this dinner party but my absolute favorite was the art that we turned into confetti. Let me explain...

Our client asked us to design her face into some of her favorite artists masterpieces. Maggie worked her magic and turned our client into the Mona Lisa, Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe pop art and Cindy Sherman.


We purchased mini canvases at Michael's Craft Store, a bottle of modge podge and brushes. We printed the artwork onto card stock, cut into the coordinating sizes of the canvases and then brushed the canvas with a thin layer of modge podge. We then placed the cut piece of card stock onto the canvas and continued to paint all over it with more modge podge ensuring the edges were covered with glue well.


Check.This.Out.....How fabulous are these?!


We decorated the dinner table with these all over...looking like personalized art confetti.

Photos in this post were taken by Abby Copleston.