Gifts for your Hosts this fall


Over our 14 years of living together in New York City, my husband and I have met some of the most incredible couples. There are certain friends who you just know, will be in your lives forever.This weekend we went to visit our very close family friends in Boston. They have two boys within the same age range as ours and they all get along famously. I do not like going anywhere empty handed. Especially when spending an entire weekend with someone. So I wanted to have some fun with the right gift for our loving hosts. With Little Miss Party in a Box officially launching so soon, I can't help make a box out of everything! So here's what my husband and I came up with... I am a sucker for wine and cheese. It's always a go to when having guests - especially when they arrive from out of town. When Eleia opened this box of goodies she immediately poured the wine and set out a few blocks of cheese, grapes and crackers. Amuse cutting board, $19.95 Gold wine glass writer, $3.95 Set of 20 Fox beverage napkins, $5.95 Jules juice glasses, $2.95 Every summer Jeff and Adam enjoy cocktails while BBQ'ing. So Adam thought...why not put together all of the ingredients to stir up a cocktail when we arrive. Eleia and Jeff moved into a new home almost two years ago but this was our first time visiting them there. These gifts went over pretty well....and didn't take us very long to break em in. Harry rocks glasses, $6.95 Recipe cocktail plates, $24.95 (now $16.97!) Jumbo ice tray, $7.95 Carter muddler, $12.95 Carter whisk, $7.95 Here's how we enjoyed Old Fashions with Friends Add 2 slices of orange and 2 cherries to a rocks glass. Add a sugar cube and muddle it all together. Do you see the recipe on the back of the cocktail plates? Ah! Genius. Add a shot of bourbon and a jumbo ice cube. Cheers! To snack on for the whole gang, Eleia & Jeff served southern style deviled eggs. Sliced pickles, finely chopped red pepper and paprika made for a deliciously sweet and salty appetizer. Was a warm and cozy weekend with friends and our families in Boston and we can't wait to go back.