Favorite Ice Cream For Summer Nights

This post has been sponsored by Nestlé®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Early summer is my absolute favorite time of year. School is winding down and the weather is finally warming up and staying warm throughout the night, which means my kids are playing outside so much more.  

My boys both love Outshine® fruit bars. I love that they’re a healthy snack made with real fruit or fruit juice, and they’ve become a summer staple that we always keep stocked in the freezer at our house. The last time I was picking up some Outshine bars in the ice cream aisle at Stop & Shop, I noticed Häagen-Dazs®Spirits Bourbon Praline Pecan. I couldn’t resist picking up a pint for my bourbon-loving hubby and I to try.


We LOVE welcoming the summer by stocking up on ice cream treats! Whether it's a fruity and sweet afternoon snack with Outshine or an indulgent snack with Häagen-Dazs after the boys go to bed, there's just something about enjoying ice cream when it's hot out.


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Since Gavin will be leaving for sleepaway camp soon, I’ve been planning some special ways to spend quality time together with my boys before he leaves.


The other night was a gorgeous evening. I pulled out our canvas teepee and set it up on top of a blanket on our lawn in the backyard. I brought out games and books to play and read with the kids, as well as a special after-dinner snack for the boys and a little something indulgent for me…


I stocked the teepee with both Outshine Strawberry and Outshine Raspberry Half-Dipped in Dark Chocolate. While they enjoyed their snacks, I treated myself to a scoop of Häagen-Dazs Spirits Bourbon Praline Pecan.


I wanted to surprise the kids with this special setup, so I put together a little scavenger hunt around the house—leading them into the backyard as the grand finale clue.


When they found the games and treats, they were so surprised and delighted. We had the most lovely evening together making memories!