Flash Tats on Glassware


We hear that flash tattoos are making a comeback, as evidenced by the new Beyonce Collection by Flash Tattoos -- if Queen Bey is wearing them, you know that they've gotta still be hot.*Photo from CR Fashion Book - check out the whole photo series here.

How #flawless does she look?!?  This picture alone was enough to get me to drop $30 on the entire Beyonce x Flash Tattoo collection.  Of course, a flash tat on me won't have anywhere near the same effect that it does when sported by Beyonce, but here's to trying!

We here at LMP are all for keeping up with trends, and even before Bey's endorsement, we were fans of the fun and shiny flash tat.  Seri sported some a few months ago for a post we did about getting ready for summer music festivals, photos by Dave Robbins Photography.  Gorge, right? After we did that post, we had some leftover flash tats that we were looking to make use of in a new and creative way.  After some brainstorming, Seri and I came up with the idea to stick the flash tats on glassware... brilliant, huh?

In keeping with the theme of using leftover materials, I decided to use recycled glassware that Seri had lying around the house.  We found some really cool old peanut butter, jam and pickle jars, in addition to old ketchup bottles.

The finished product turned out AMAZING.  See!?Here is how we did it.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: -glass jars/ drinking glasses -flash tattoos -scissors -rubbing alcohol -cotton balls -spray bottle or wet sponge -spray adhesive/ clear enamel spray paintWHAT TO DO: 1) Make sure all labels have been fully removed from your glass jar. Once fully removed, use rubbing alcohol on cotton ball to wipe clean the outside of the jar.2) Once rubbing alcohol has dried, cut out the flash tattoos that you would like to use on your jar. Follow directions for application of the flash tattoo and apply as you would on skin, using spray bottle or wet sponge.

3) Once flash tattoo has been applied and the backing paper has been peeled away, let tattoo sit for a minute to dry. 4) Once tattoo has dried, spray clear enamel or spray adhesive over flash tattoo to seal design. 5) Let sit to dry. Repeat above steps to the rest of your jars and see how they turn out! Have fun with it... I tested out using gold and silver on some of the jars, as well using only gold and only silver. It was cool to see which designs worked well together.We ended up using the recycled ketchup jars as bud vases...The recycled pickle jar as a vessel for Seri's kids beads, and the recycled peanut butter jar as a pencil holder! The jam jar has yet to find a specific purpose, but we've got him ready in waiting for when the need arises! *Note: when washing your completed glass jars, be sure to HAND WASH ONLY.  Flash tats are not dishwasher safe.