Fondue Party


Wanna know the best idea ever? A fondue party!


The other day my son asked me how my day was and what I worked on. I told him:  a fondue party shoot.

His mind...was blown.

"We have a fondue set???????"


oh, yeah.  Totally.  It's been stashed away in our cupboard!

What better time of year to pull it out?  It's cold and Valentine's day is coming up! Chocolate, strawberries and marshmallows?  I mean...c'mon!


Every Valentine's day we stay home and enjoy dinner as a family. This is for two reasons:

1.) Valentine's day is a sh*t show in NYC.  The restaurants are packed, the menus are prix fix, it's meh.

2.) February 15th is the anniversary of my first date with Adam, now 17 years ago. Yow.

So every year we go out to a nice dinner on the 15th to avoid the crowd and celebrate our anniversary.


Anyway, this year on Valentine's day, the plan is to set the table with the Valentine's Day edition of the LMP in a Box (obviously), order in dinner and have chocolate fondue for dessert.


I am going to make a family cocktail: scoop of raspberry sorbet, champagne for the adults and club soda for the kids, garnished with fresh raspberries. YUM!


I am going to set note cards on the table with pens and markers and we can all write a card to each other, how cute?!


And of course, decorate the table with tons of fresh roses and pretty florals.


Happy Valentine's Day!