Get it together for going back to school


The other day it dawned on me...not only is the summer almost over but it's half way through the month of August. Y0u know what that means? We need to prepare to go back to school. AH! There's so much to do!


On my to do list: Sign up for after school activities, make appointments for haircuts, finish summer school assignments.


Gavin's second grade assignment is to write a story about his favorite site in NYC. This means...we need a notebook and sharp pencils. So what did I do? I sat down and made a list of everything I need to get. With that list, I logged onto my Walgreens mobile app to check for coupons on the supplies I need. There were tons. The best part about my shopping trip was when I checked out showed me how to use mobile payI saved 21 bucks! AND...the cute guy checking me out showed me how to use mobile pay. I didn't need to take out my wallet! Seriously guys...does it get any easier?


The boys were thrilled with their new supplies. And the best thing about it was - they each wanted to establish their "Desk space" to sit down and work immediately after pulling all of their new supplies out of the bags.


Luke drew portraits of our family while Gavin cut out and crafted a shark. They equally divided the pack of pencils and highlighters and prepared their notebooks for school by writing their name on the cover.


Now that we are ready for school, I can go back to enjoying what's left of the summer. Hanging on to every last moment...

Thanks to Walgreens for introducing us to their incredibly helpful #MyWalgreensApp and sponsoring this post. You can download the My Walgreens mobile app here