Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.


My favorite event leading up to a friend's wedding is the bachelorette party. I have so many insanely inappropriate and amazing memories of these nights out growing up as my friends were getting married.


Now...I get to throw these parties and come up with creative ways to celebrate the bride's big day.

Here's how you throw a bachelorette party that your friends will never forget...


First of all, come up with a budget. For a bachelorette party there is no rules to who hosts. What I like to do with my friends is nominate one or two people to coordinate the details and collect money from each guest to contribute towards a really fun evening. Start small in someone's home for cocktails and appetizers and then have a plan to go out. Options that make for a fun night are dancing, karaoke or a lounge-y type bar are just a few suggestions.


Use the season to determine your theme and menu. Here we've got an East Coast Surfside Bachelorette. Featured here today is a beach-y east coast surf side soiree.

To avoid running around to several different stores collecting the items you need to throw a cocktail party, get yourself aLittle Miss Party in a Box - shower edition - for the most fabulous decor (including a set of glass bud vases for flowers) and tableware. With a mix of gold, white and silver you have a neutral palette that you can add any theme to.


Seasonal foods are the best. We head to the farmer's markets and butcher for fresh fruit, veggies, meats and cheeses. Then look for creative items around your house to use for serving the food. We have a wood surfboard in one of the bedrooms at my house and used that as our platter for a massive charcuterie.


We enlisted our friend Maggie to get creative with seashells for the food cards on the surfboard. She spray painted the shells gold and then hand wrote the name of each cheese and meat that we set out.


Make sure you have plenty of wine (we love rose for a summer party) on hand. Ice, water and glass bottles of pop gives you a good assortment of beverages.


Music is KEY. We love top 40 pop hits mixed with old school Madonna. Try GirlTalk on Spotify for a great mix of old and new songs. He won't disappoint.

Since everyone is chipping in for the party, set aside a budget for an activity. After a recent trip to Walgreens for some birthday cards I was inspired. So for this bachelorette party we chose some of the gorgeous Signature line of Hallmark Cards for each guest to sign a love note on to the bride and groom. With all of the signed cards at the end of the night, we collected them to save and turn into a scrapbook as a gift for the happy couple.


Nothing feels better than making your bestie feel special, so let's celebrate in style! 

Photos by Maggie Antalek Model is Brittany Lo, founder of Beautini

This post was sponsored by Hallmark however all thoughts and party ideas are our own.