Golden Dark n' Stormy with Orange


Maggie and I are both big fans of cocktails with ginger beer in them, and while Moscow mules are absolutely delicious, we wanted to try something new! I am a big fan of Dark n' Stormy's when the weather is, well.. stormier, but I wanted to try to make a version that was a little bit better suited for the warmer weather.


Instead of the traditional dark rum, we used Bacardi Gold because that is what we had on hand, and it turned out absolutely delicious. Introducing... the Golden Dark n' Stormy with Orange!

Here's what you need: -gold rum (we used Bacardi Gold) -ginger beer -orange juice -fresh orange peel -lime juice -fresh lime -ice

Here's what to do: 1) Fill each cocktail glass about halfway with ice.  Over ice, fill glass about 3/4 of the way with ginger beer. 2) Add a 1/4 oz. lime juice and 1/2 oz. orange juice to each glass.  Stir gently to combine ingredients


3) Top each glass off with rum, about 1 oz. in each.


4) Garnish with fresh lime slice and orange peel.


How cool is that orange peel garnish?! I won't tell you how many tries that took me.


This is the perfect summery drink to enjoy on a hot summer night, ideally for a night out dancing on a rooftop, or for sipping by the pool.


Until next week... Cheers!