Harlow Turned Two with an LMP in a Box


If you haven't already heard all the buzz....we'll be the first to tell you that we have officially launched Little Miss Party in a Box! Imagine...you have a party to throw, no time to put it together but you order one of our boxes and it arrives on your doorstep so all you have to do is set it up! Order some food, add drinks and voila! You've got yourself a party. Our friend Ilana of Mommy Shorts, wanted to throw a low key party for her daughter, Harlow's 2nd birthday. I asked her if she would be a test case for one of our feature boxes: Little Miss Birthday Party in a Box. She was thrilled. For Harlow's first birthday I went all out and helped put on a PJ's & Pancakes themed brunch. For her other daughter Mazzy we pulled a miracle Milk n Cookie's 3rd birthday. And of course then there was the joint Superhero party for my son Gavin and Ilana's husband Mike. For Harlow's 2nd...I dropped the box off...and LEFT. Ilana set it all up by herself, ordered bagels, served coffee and mimosas and guess what? I got to be a GUEST! Was quite the feeling. And I was so proud to see how she turned our box into a beautiful party! Even my little one was in awe of it all... The most difficult task Ilana had from the items in our box was finding a spot to hang this banner.... We even include bags for the favors...! Harlow woke up to her home fully set up and ready to party. She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive! And when they did...they didn't waste any time... Ilana is not a baker BUT was so inspired by the cupcake kit that comes in our box she baked some cupcakes. Out of a box. Because why not? SO easy, kids love em and we give you the liners and the flags to make them look extra pretty! Let me allow my son Luke to model these cupcakes on the adorable Happy Birthday dessert plates that we include in this birthday box for you... Another really cool feature of our LMP in a Box is that we include a party blueprint full of tips to complete your party and suggestions for setting it all up. I LOVE that Ilana actually followed along!! There's a huge jumbo balloon filled with confetti and a string of really pretty tissue tassel hand made by one of our fabulous partners, One Stylish Party. In the blueprint we advise you take this balloon to your local party store OR florist! Bet you didn't think to ask the florist down the road if they have a helium tank. Well I'm sure that they do! While you're there...pick up a couple stems of flowers and then place them in jars that you find in your home - milk bottles, wine bottles or I'm sure you have a vase lying around...no need to spend a lot of money. Ilana even took it all a step further...she decided to get crafty with the cake. The perfect way to bring in a theme to this LMP in a Box! With a white cake for the base Ilana took a glue gun, toilet paper roll, some pretty paper and M&M's and made the prettiest carousal cake I've ever seen. The perfect party it was. Are you sold? I bet. Click here to purchase your very own Little Miss Birthday Party in a Box and save yourself the headache of trying to plan all the details on your own!

*all of the photos above were taken by Karilyn Sanders.