How to host a brunch with a Savory Crêpes Bar


We were so spoiled when our friend Jennifer of Crêpes à la Maison asked if we'd like for her and her chef JC to come over and set up a Crêpes bar in our office....

We were like YES!  We'll invite our friends, bring it!


Well did Jen ever bring it.  She lugged over a huge Crêpes machine, her adorable French chef and a variety of fresh ingredients to top with.


Chef got to work very quickly and whipped up a custom crepe for each of our guests. Some with ham, some with eggs, some with ratatouille that Jen made the night before!


My favorite part was being able to top each Crêpes with the toppings of my choice. I love the taste of fresh herbs all over my food and I just love love the spicy bite you get from scallions.


Everyone was ooohing and aaaaahing, just as you do when you indulge in French food.


What a fabulous tradition and delicious meal for a friendly lunch or a festive celebration.

We love you Jen! You are welcome over with Chef JC ANYTIME!

Photos by Abby Copleston