How to host a Movie Party


The Oscars are hands down my favorite awards show and every year I watch the awards with the same friends. We all buy in for $20 bucks, print ballots, fill them out prior to the show and then exchange the ballots to mark while we watch. The person who guessed the most wins, gets to take home the pot of cash.


While we're betting and rooting for the hottest (I mean favorite) actors, we sip on champagne and nosh on popcorn. We recently discovered Live Love Pop and are totally obsessed with the delicious flavors that they offer.


Since hosting an Oscars watch party is tradition on our house, I thought it time to launch a Movie Party in a Box! Popcorn boxes, champagne flutes, sparkly confetti, Oscars themed Bingo cards and more!


However it doesn't need to be awards season to host a movie party. You can host this type of party anytime!'s my favorite type of party to host for kids because it's SO easy!


The Movie Night Party in a Box is for 8 people so gather up a group of friends accordingly.

Make your life easy and call the party for a time where just snacks can be served (ie. 3pm or 8pm...). Serve some candy and/or baked goods and TONS of popcorn. We've provided boxes for your guests to fill up with and take to the couch to enjoy with the movie.


Decorate the table where you're serving drinks and snacks with the black balloons and clear balloons that are filled with star confetti. These balloons also include gold glitter star stickers that you can adhere to the string of each balloon. You can tie the balloons to the hollywood trophies that are also in this party box.


You will also find black tie water bottle labels in our movie party box. Take regular water bottles, rip off their labels and add stick on the labels that we provided. Now you've got fancy water to serve at your party!

Now how fun is this? ENJOY!

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Photos by Maggie Antalek