How to Host a New Years Eve Party with your Kids


We have some very easy rules to follow when hosting a playdate or party with your kids. Here's what you need to know and plan for:

1.)  Crafts

2.)  Snacks

3.) Cocktails (for the parents, obviously)

Here's how you can pull this all off for new years.


First off - you need to get yourself a NYE Party in a Box if you don't already have one. Now you've got your tableware and some adorable props covered.


For the craft, we had some leftover rhinestones, glitter and glue from our last project playdate. I had some paper lying around that I used with metallic gold letters I found at the craft store to make a station for each child to craft at the table. I set up each child's chair with the placemat, a bottle of white glue, glitter in a small cup with a spoon and a small cup of rhinestones. I gave each kid a couple of blow horns from our NYE Party Box and shutter shades.


Are you wondering what that fabulous disco pig is doing on the table? He was a limited edition pig from CB2. He's holding our NYE Confetti balloon. Please join us in welcoming this pig to our team.  He's now our official LMP Mascot.


For the snack, I set out a good mix of healthy and sweet. I set a place for each child with a plate, 2016 topper (found in our NYE Party Box), cups of M&M's and a white cupcake to decorate. You'll also find paper cups and star swizzle sticks in our NYE Party Box. I took the swizzle sticks and thread them with mini marshmallows and filled with chocolate milk for each kid.


Something I've realized over the years with these they always want the EXACT same items or they will fight.  So I am always very aware of this and set them up with identical place settings to avoid issues.


The kids had such a ball crafting, snacking and dancing! We put on Kidz Bop on Spotify, picked up some top hats from the party store and we had a party!


Now for the parents....

I set up my barcart with a champagne punch, bottles of champagne on ice and a cheese board. This is the perfect start to the night. A little later when things wind down, order a pizza. Put the kids in their jammies, pop in a movie and enjoy your friends.


Best New Years Eve Party (with kids) Ever.