How to Host brunch for your Mom Friends


My Mom raised me to be a kind, polite, loving person. I always showed my Mom respect and there was never any shortage of love in our home. I will however tell you that I did not show my Mother the appreciation that she truly deserved until I became a mother myself and learned just how powerful being a Mom is. There's simply, nothing like it.


When you become a Mom for the first time you immediately look to other moms for comfort. Your life is literally turned upside down and it's really nice to have new Moms to talk to about all the challenges, raging emotions and intense love that you have for your new baby.


As your children grow up, you make new Mom school. The funny thing about the Moms that you meet at school is it feels like you've started school all over again and are a kid yourself.


I have a handful of very special Mom friends that I have now made throughout these stages of having kids and cherish each of them for their friendship and style of parenting.


This year I wanted to host a very special Mother's Day brunch for my Mom friends. It was so lovely having the girls over for a carefree, kid free, morning of chatter, good food and a few cocktails.


We recently partnered with Harney & Sons tea on a shoot and now have quite the obsession. Their cans! Gah. They are to die for. And the tea is off the handles delish. So I thought it would be fun to send each of my Mom friends home with a pretty canister of tea as a little gift to say I love you, and think you're a great mom and friend.


Today I'm so excited to share with you the first of our "How to Host" series that we filmed to show you how to host your own Mother's Day brunch for friends or Moms in your life. Check it out and please let us know what you think! We've got more of these videos in store for you. Hope you enjoy!

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