How to make life just a little bit easier...


Last week Luke was about to grab his toothbrush but before he got to it I noticed it looked a bit old. So I tossed it in the can.

He opened the cabinet and found a yellow and pink toothbrush...and that was it.

That was when...he lost his marbles.

Little does he know, color doesn't matter.

I did try to explain this to him, at the same time, if green and blue are his favorite color - then that's his right too!


He demanded a new toothbrush and I promised I would get him one before the end of day.

Getting a toothbrush required a trip over to my local Walgreens. I wasn't going to stop my whole day JUST for a toothbrush, so I grabbed my to do list and opened up the Walgreens mobile app.


The timing happened to be perfect as I had photo printing on my list. My favorite feature on the Walgreens mobile app is the photo ordering.  You upload photos + order. They email you an hour later to say they are ready for pick up. No fussing with trying to print photos myself, which rarely works (!), saving me time and money.


So...I got Luke's toothbrush, discounts on snacks, a new magazine and photos that I am going to turn into a gift for a friend's wedding. I even had time for a coffee... all because My Walgreens App helped make my life just a little bit easier.


Thanks to Walgreens for introducing us to their incredibly helpful #MyWalgreensApp and sponsoring this post. You can download the My Walgreens mobile app here

Photos by Maggie Antalek

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