How to splatter paint a cake


We have a new party box launching VERY soon so we wanted to come up with a super fun cake idea to shoot as an easy DIY dessert.

First thing is a white cake. Sure, you could bake one! can pick one up from your local bakery. We love Empire Cake. Their cakes are out of this world deee-lish!

There are so many ways to dress up a white cake....fresh flowers, colorful candles, strawberries and other fruits....but I was about we splatter paint it?!

The new box that we have built is a mix of neon orange, yellow, green and pink. We found chocolate discs in each of these colors at Michaels.


I put each color into a bowl and hit 30 seconds on the microwave. Each time the microwave beeped I would give the chocolate a stir. Took about 1 - 1.5 min. Do NOT let that chocolate over cook. It will harden immediately if you do.

I set up a station to splatter on top of. An old linen, kraft paper or newspaper all work great.

Set your cake directly on your covered surface. Dip a paintbrush into the melted chocolate, one color at a time and Boom. Splatter. Or "Shpritz" as my father in law would say...

Here's our step by step family splatter cake episode if you'd like to see.

[embed width="500" height="456"][/embed]

And stay tuned for the latest Little Miss Party in a Box that is coming soon!