It's back to school we go

At the beginning of every August, since my first child was born, I wake up and think OMG. There’s one month till the kids go back to school.  I have SO MUCH TO DO!

First thing that races through my mind – the after school activities. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my kids, it’s that they can’t sit still for one minute. My kids have developed their own interests in activities by trying new things over the years. They are now set in a pretty standard routine with Karate, Hebrew School, Hockey and baseball. There’s one day where the kids have different activities and this year it will be Gavin playing golf while Luke trying out gymnastics.

Once the activities are booked, I have to start working with Gavin on his back to school summer homework. Gavin had to write about the place he enjoyed visiting most this summer and for him…that was pretty easy. SLEEP AWAY CAMP!  It was his first time going and it was in Canada! He had lots to write about.

Last but not least are the supplies. Lunch boxes, pencils, a new backpack and of course….new clothes. I spend one solid day at the Tanger Outlets on Long Island outfitting the boys for the new school year. I love every minute of it.

Once I came home with new clothes for the boys, I realized they had drawers full of old clothes that no longer fit. I pulled them all out and am now boxing everything up to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. For anyone in the same boat with bags of clothes that are new/newish - follow my lead and send them off to: Southside Skatepark, 510 Iowa Street, Houston, TX 77587.

For every article of clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, etc…I need a name label. For the last several years I’ve been ordering the stick-on labels from Minted. They have the most fabulous designs and they ship super quick. I’m so happy with how they turned out for the boys this year.

Now it’s time to wrap up what’s left of summer and get back to reality…

Next week we’ll be back in the city and come Thursday…those boys will be back in school.