Lemon Shandy Beermosa


Breakfast cocktails are another one of my favorite parts of summer.  They typically tend to be created for warmer weather destinations, and therefore can be indulged in throughout the summer.


We have a lot of beer from our friends at Narragansett from the shipment they sent us for Luke's 5th Birthday Party, so I decided to use their very popular Del's Shandy to test out a popular breakfast cocktail that I have seen on a lot of - the Beermosa!


Here is what you need: -1 can Del's Shandy -orange juice -prosecco (or another sparkling white wine) -fresh orange slices


Here is what to do: 1) Pour your shandy into each cocktail glass, filling each about halfway. 2) On top of shandy, pour about 3 oz. of OJ, leaving some room at the top of each glass. 3) Top off each glass with some of your sparkling wine.  Garnish each rim with an orange wedge.

Sip, and enjoy! Maggie and I paired these with some mini donuts for a breakfast treat, and it was the perfect combo.


Enjoy this cocktail as you salute the last few days of summer.  Cheers! Until next time...