Making our cocktails...romantic.


Here we are just coming off of a pretty fabulous Christmas and New Years eve and we'll already onto the next holiday. Well aren't we always?!.Valentine's day is just around the corner and we're getting ourselves geared up. What better to celebrate then a little romance.?! I gave my girls Erin and Abby an ice cube challenge. I simply said: Find ingredients in the kitchen along with any ice cube trays left over from previous holidays and let's see what you can do. Erin made orange juice skull and crossbones and fruity hearts. In the heart tray Erin added fresh cut blueberries, tiny chunks of strawberry and water. The kids would obsess over these. They love ice cubes. For a bubbly sip I thought it woujld be nice to mix Canada Dry gingerale with vodka and a splash of lime juice. To chill and garnish fill with heart shaped fruity cubes. Pree-tay. Oh I  know. The tree. I will be keeping that tree up till the day we see spring. I am just too in love to take him down. For the boys...and those who love a stiffer cocktail.... I thought it was sort of genius to drop an OJ skull into your glass of Bourbon. Just the right combo of sweet n' ice. And obviously...guess who else loves these cubes? Um, the kiddos. Duh. They are obsessed. What a great punch of vitamin C on a daily basis this winter! Have any great winter ideas? Cocktails, recipes, crafts...please tell us! We would love to hear and TRY SOME OUT! Cheers! Styled and photographed by Abigail Copleston