Pretty Paper Plates


Who ever said you can't use paper to set the table? I DID, once upon a time. A dinner party should be classy, elegant and sophisticated. BUT guess what? Recently, paper goods have stepped it up a notch...and now I'm singin' a different tune! There are so many stores that now carry a wide variety of paper party goods in the most beautiful patterns. So we gathered our favorites from Target and Meri Meri to put together a pretty fabulous tablescape. Now want to know the best part? Clean up is a cinch! With the holidays approaching we thought this would be such a nice and economical way to host your friends over for a "Friends-giving" dinner. We did mix in some real glassware and cutlery wrapped in cloth napkins with a piece of wheat to make it festive. We love adding in little trinkets and details to make our guests swoon over their place setting. We found mini party hats by Oh Joy! for Target, Mini confetti poppers and antler stir sticks which will make any drink look super cute. Keeping it simple and chic with decorative paper and plastic is just one way to make the holidays stress-free.

Photos taken by Karilyn Sanders.