Throw a Chic New Years Eve Party in your Home with LMP


My all time favorite way to spend New Years Eve is...AT HOME! Now I don't mean at my home sitting on the couch in my jammies watching Dick Clark. I mean at home with friends, drinks, great eats and beats. I'm going to give you a few easy tips to plan your New Years Eve party this year. Follow along and you'll avoid the lines, hassle of finding a taxi and the cold weather! Stay in and enjoy the big night in the comfort of your own home this year... New Years Eve with LMP: 1.) LMP in a Box: We have been over the moon with our official launching of Little Miss Party in a Box. We have partnered with so many fabulous vendors who we have worked with over the years as we carefully selected the items to build these boxes with. Want to know what's inside? Balloons from The Flair Exchange, Confetti from Oh Goodie Designs, Pretty party plates from Meri Meri, Govino Shatterproof champagne flutes and MORE! We are currently selling a Little Miss New Years Eve Party in a Box so you don't have to run around finding the supplies you'll need to set up a beautiful NYE party. Click on over here to buy one now. Quantities are limited, so grab while you can! 2.) Plan your menu: We love serving finger foods for a cocktail party. Lucky for you our LMP in a Box comes with pretty cocktail forks from one of our favorite Etsy vendors, Angie Hearts Jared, to dress your food! If you make your shopping list in advance and prepare as much as possible the day before your party, you won't be scrambling in the kitchen so you can actually enjoy the food that you serve with your guests. Click over to Michelle's post about cocktail party appetizer ideas to get your menu together. 3.) Plan your bar: You'll want to serve lots of bubbly at this party. Perfectly fitting for a toast, kiss and ringing in the new year! Set out a beverage tin filled with ice, white wine, sparkling wine and beer if you plan to serve. Make sure you have extra ice in the freezer or stored in a bucket on your deck or in your backyard. Stock up on still and sparkling water, lemons, limes and you'll be set to party. Notice I did not mention red wine...? Too many white carpets in my home so I don't serve it at parties. 4.) Make your party FUN: Here's a quick list of things you can do to guarantee your guests will have a fantastic time: - set up a playlist and turn up the volume. - jazz it up...use the pretty paper straws and pom pom toothpicks that we have included in our LMP in a Box to make your drinks and food festive. - set up a station with party props and sparkly hats. Don't worry...these are included in our LMP in a Box! If you have one, set out a polaroid camera and your guests can take pictures from the night home with them. We use this Fujifilm Instax Mini camera at pretty much every party we throw. Always a hit! - Make it sparkle - that's right. We also included a set of 2015 sparklers in our LMP in a Box. How fun is that?! Stick them into a cake, cupcakes or just hold them and light 'em up when the clock strikes midnight! Speaking of clocks...set one out, count down to the big moment and get that confetti ready (YES! Also in our box!) to shout Happy New Year! - Bring the outside in. Set out a vase of fresh flowers to add a pop of color to your table. - End the night on a sweet note. We found raspberry macarons and S'mores...killer combo. 5.) Get Dressed up! Last but not least pick out a glitzy outfit. Let your hair down and throw on some red lipstick. It's New Years Eve...happens only once every year....make it count! Stick around with us this month because we'll be giving you more tips and ideas on holiday entertaining and will be coming out with a very special post to show you exactly how to set up our LMP in a Box for NYE! *All of the photos in this post were taken by Karilyn Sanders...and we had so much fun shooting these with her!