Little Miss Party's Essentials for Your bag at Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo Ferris Wheel

Spring and summer are fast approaching, which also means that music festival season will be upon us VERY soon. There seems to be a festival or three every weekend from April through October! One of the big annual ones is the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, which lasts for four days in June in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo always boasts a unique lineup that represents almost every genre of music you can imagine. This year will feature Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons, Deadmau5, Kendrick Lamar, My Morning Jacket, and SO MANY MORE ACTS. That being said, a diverse group of people attend each year, guaranteeing an extremely good time.In addition to being an Assistant at Little Miss Party, I also work for Bonnaroo during the summer, and am one of the lucky few who get to stay in a hotel for the duration of the festival. But most people that attend Bonnaroo like to rough it and camp. And yes, I did say that they actually LIKE it! Throughout my 5 years with Bonnaroo, I have figured out what is essential to keep you hydrated, looking cute, and smelling decent for the duration of the festival!

Here are some of my top picks for Bonnaroo 2015 (or any music festival that you're attending this year!):


1) Warby Parker 'Reilly' Sunglasses - These shades will keep your eyes safe and protected from dust, and also happen to be super cute! 2) Frends 'Layla' Headphones - Gold - For when you get some down time and want to do some listening to bands on the lineup that you may not have heard of. 3) Batiste Dry Shampoo - Original - Showers are few and far between at Bonnaroo, and when you are able to take one, you have to pay for it... Use this to keep your hair from getting too gross while saving yourself some money. 4) Wet Ones Travel Pack - THESE ARE GOLDEN.  For your hands, face, and... other things.. those porta-potties get mighty gross! 5) Bonnaroo 2013 Moustache Bandana - This will come in SO handy, whether you use it on your head to keep the sweat out of your face, or use it to cover your face to avoid inhaling dust! 6) MyCharge Razor Plus - Pink - It is pretty essential to stay in touch with your friends while at Bonnaroo.  There are charging station throughout Centeroo, but they are always in high demand, so why not carry your own backup battery for emergencies.  This bad boy will deliver 13 additional hours of talk time for your smartphone!

Bonnaroo 2

7) Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Broad Spectrum, SPF 50+ for Face and Body - Sunscreen. Enough Said. 8) S'well Sparkling Champagne Reusable Water Bottle - The Bonnaroo grounds boast many different stations where you can refill your water bottle, for free! Use this stylish S'well bottle to stay hydrated. 9) DownBeats High Fidelity Hearing Protection Earplugs - During some point throughout the festival, you will inevitably end up way too close to a very loud speaker -- be proactive and prevent ringing ears in old age with these cute and compact Ear Plugs, made specifically for live music. 10) Child of Wild Flash Tattoos - Gold.  Shiny. Temporary. Perfect. 11) Sugar SPF 15 Lip Treatment - Fresh - This lovely lip treatment has SPF 15 for great protection while keeping your lips soft and supple.

Bonnaroo 3

12) Free People 'Neela' Headpiece - Brass - Headwear is one of the most popular accessories at festivals right now -- this headpiece from Free People has a touch of sparkle, and totally fits the whole bohemian look.


Enjoy your Bonnaroo... You can find me at Mumford and MMJ's sets for sure. Hope to see you there! Happy Bonnaroo! xx, Abby