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With the recent birth of our daughter Dylan, my husband and I decided to send out an announcement/holiday card combined rather than both. Though I do appreciate getting a letter in the mail, I thought it would be pretty wasteful to do anything separate. With our beautiful pictures from Aunti Debi (Simply Beautiful Eating) in hand, we began our search on Minted. Minted has literally followed every step of my adult life, every milestone I've achieved, party I have thrown and holiday that has passed minted has celebrated with my family. I really adore what they are about, that artists around the country are contributing and sharing their work.


Typically I am not super "girly" but this one just seemed to fit the bill and match Dylan's adorable floral crown which you may have seen here. It was so beyond perfect I couldn't believe it!


If you haven't ordered your holiday cards yet check out the amazing selection here.

Wishing you and your families an amazing thanksgiving next week and upcoming holiday season!

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