Mandy's Meals & Mores


Thanksgiving is almost here! Dust off your china and pull out the silver...just kidding, Thanksgiving can be easy and casual. Here's a couple tips and tricks using items that are accessible and inexpensive. Delicious olives in a mini pumpkin? Yes please! Simply cut off the top of any "gourd" and scoop out the seeds and "brains". The seeds would be fabulous later roasted with a little garlic powder and rosemary. YUM! We've got munchies covered, what about the table? People stress too much about the details, we need room for food after all. Here is a super cute option for napkins, even the most novice of host can master this trick! Lay out the square napkin, can be paper or cloth either works, and begin to fold the full length of the napkin back and forth in opposite directions like a fan. Keep the folds about an inch thick. Once you have finished the whole napkin fold in half and grab the "handle". Now it's time to get creative: slip on a napkin ring, tie a ribbon, or wrap some twine. Go nuts. What about the kids? Getting them involved in set up can be fun! Have them choose from different colored napkins to stuff their glasses with. Cover the tables with craft paper for crayon play before or after dinner. Use fresh herbs on their table and ask them to smell and taste them...


If you've got time to make pie, kids often love helping in the kitchen. No time? No Problem! Buy a premade pie from the baker and make some homemade whip cream. Like what you see below? Copper Moscow Mule mugs and Thanksgiving plates both from Crate and Barrel. Wishing all of our favorite Americans a fabulous thanksgiving filled with delicious food, family and friends. -M

Photos above were taken by Karilyn Sanders.