Michelle's Holiday Party Beach Waves


As you know, the ladies from LMP love to party. I've been making more and more appearances at their studio to not only with Beautini, but also to attend, and we have all been having a blast. On this week's Beauty with Brittany Lo post, I'm sharing some behind the scenes on the beauty looks for a seasonal LMP shoot!

Seri, Michelle and Abby recently had a New Year's Eve photo shoot for their Holiday card photos and asked me and my Beautini team to come in and get them photo ready. I brought Natasha with me to their studio, and we got to work.

Michelle asked Natasha for some pretty beach waves in her long, dark hair.  Michelle already has beautiful hair, and she also happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time, so it was extra healthy and glowing. Here's how to get your own beachy waves:

1) Fully blow dry hair using a round brush, making sure no dampness remains. Pull hair on top of head into a clip, allowing access to layer of hair closest to the neck.


2) Divide hair into sections, and curl using a curling iron with a 1.25" thick barrel. When wrapping hair around barrel, pull the end of each section or hair straight, away from the curling iron with your fingers.


3) After curling each section, while hair is still hot, scrunch up each section in your hand for an added messy effect.


4) Work your way around the head, curling each section of hair evenly.  Once done with whole head, run your fingers trough the curls and shake them out a bit to loosen. Spray with medium hold hairspray.


How gorgeous does Michelle's hair look? This style is an excellent way to add an extra level of glam to any look for any occasion. She looked so festive and ready to party in their New Years Eve photos.


I'll be sharing info on Seri and Abby's makeup looks on my next few posts, and in the meantime, Happy Holidays! Until next time...


B. Lo @brittany.lo