Moffice Makeover


What do you get when you cross Moms, an assistant and an office? A MOFFICE!

Over the past year we've been sharing an office with Ilana of Mommy Shorts. Ilana and I became friends when our kids started preschool together in the same class a few years back. When she invited us to share an office space that measures around....76 square feet I jumped all over it. Small? Yes? Amazing to have space outside of the apartment? YES! No one in our teeny tiny space EVER complains.

The most important element to an office for me is organization. I'm a little OCD and love everything to have a when Ilana told us that the office was going to get a makeover from The Container Store, I couldn't help but let out a little squeal because I knew that meant some mega big time organization was coming our way!

You guys...when we walked in....I almost fainted.


We got new, larger sized, CLEAN desks with pink filing cabinets...PINK! The filing cabinets were perfectly organized with bins (with labels!) for our push pins, paper clips, business cards and file folders.


Then there was the update made to our fridge which is now GOLD!  Ah! Gold! They simply added contact paper to achieve this....


The back of our door now has a station set up for us to hang our umbrellas, tape and a bin for paper to use for Instagram photos....!


The printer finally got the proper home...we used to keep it on top of the it's on top of a shelving unit that is so beautifully stocked with paper, stickers, envelopes....of course all labeled!


Our mugs also now have the proper home in a shelving unit where the coffee maker now lives on top of. Our cleaning supplies and snacks were organized into drawers below the fridge - labeled of course!


And get this....our computer cords are all perfectly organized now!!  Guys! LOOK AT THIS!


We hung our children's photos, artwork, company memorabilia and made it all our own. It was kinda like an entrepreneurial dream come true....


Now you have the chance to win a chance to REORGANIZE YOUR MOFFICE!

Mommy Shorts is giving one lucky reader a $500 gift card to The Container Store.

To enter, you must be a Mommy Shorts facebook fan or subscriber.

Then post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of the area in your home or office most in need of reorganizing. If you post on Instagram, use the hashtag #mofficemakeover and be sure to tag/follow both@mommyshorts and @thecontainerstore.

On October 20th, she will select one photo at random to win!

Good luck!!