New Year, New Resolutions


So...we're week one of the new year. How you all doing with your resolutions so far? I made a few resolutions for myself...and I'm doing my best to stick to them.


1.) Drink more water: Seriously this is such an issue for not only me but my kids too. For some reason, none of us have any interest in drinking water. Me personally? I would drink coffee all day every day if I could. But this year I really truly want to treat my body better. I know when it comes to my kids, they prefer water when it's "dressed up". So this year I'm going to play around more with citrus, herbs and fruit in our water. Me and the kids even made up fruit skewers with rosemary!

2.) Take a Chill Pill. I have ZERO patience. I mean really. No patience. It's a terrible trait and I'm going to try my darnedest this year to improve on this both professionally and personally. Someone recently told me about these adult coloring books. I picked one up, sharpened a cup of my son's colored pencils and got coloring.  You guys. Un.real. So relaxing and really made me forget about all the nonsense going on in my head. I highly recommend it. I found this coloring book at my local craft store but you can find them all over the internet as well.


3.)  Put on a little lipstick! I often leave the house with some eyeliner slapped on and a brush quickly run through my hair. Wouldn't kill me to put a touch more effort into how I look! Even just a little lipstick would make the world of difference both in my appearance and confidence. So I started using Burts Bees lip moisturizer and really enjoy it! They have tons and tons of amazing colors to choose from AND they are super moisturizing on my lips! Win win.


I tried to set realistic resolutions for this year so I could actually stick to them. So far, so good. What were your resolutions?  And are you sticking to them so far?

The photos in this post were taken by Dave Robbins Photography. And for more on our New Years Detox resolutions click on over to the Gather Now Tumblr Feed.