Old Fashioned's with Bulleit Rye Whiskey


Last week, we hosted a Holiday Jewelry party in our NYC studio using our Shower Party in a Box to showcase our favorite jewelry, Ramblerose, by our very own Maggie Antalek.  During the party, I served up some cocktails using Bulleit Whiskey.  What you may not have know is that we featured not one, but TWO signature cocktails using our delicious, new favorite whiskey!


That's right... in addition to the Irish Buck, I also mixed up some Old Fashioned's!


Here's what you need: -Bulleit Rye Whiskey -sugar cubes -angostura bitters -maraschino cherries with the syrup -fresh orange wedges -club soda -ice -muddler

Here's what to do:

1) Take one sugar cube and put in each glass.  Shake 3 drops of bitters into each glass, on top of sugar cube. Use muddler to combine sugar and bitters.


2) Measure out 2 oz. Bulleit Rye Whiskey into each glass, topped with a short splash of club soda.


3) Stir mixture together.  Add a few cubes of ice to each glass. 4) Add a splash or maraschino cherry syrup to each glass.


5) Garnish each glass with a maraschino cherry and a small orange wedge.


Voila! Enjoy your Old Fashioned for any Holiday party, or any party at all.  These drinks are a wonderful way to stay warm and feel festive.


Until next week... cheers!