Passover Pizza


Next week is Passover and that means we'll be spring cleaning all the bread and crumbs out of our home this weekend.


One of our favorite things to make for Passover is Matzo Pizza! Great for dinner or a snack or sometimes we make it for breakfast topped with a fried egg.


This year we'll be making matzo pizza with homemade tomato sauce. We invited Daniela from Kulinary Kids over to share her recipe with Gavin, Luke and Harlow. Daniela's sauce was so easy to make that the kids took charge and I just got to enjoy dipping matzo into it as I watched them do all the work...


They used fresh parmesan cheese in the sauce and homemade mozzarella to sprinkle all over the saucy matzo.


We asked the kids what else they wanted to top their pizzas with and they shouted PEPPERS! So we sliced a rainbow of peppers and snacked on them while they worked.


While the pizzas were in the oven we broke out some crafts for the kids. Daniela gave them a bin of crayons to use for sketching matzo. This was so fun and easy. The kids took paper and placed it over the matzo. Then they colored it and got a beautiful design from the bumpy texture.


Aunti Marissa happened to be in town the week of this photo shoot and helped us prepare a matzo cover craft for the kids. She found plain white linen napkins with a blue embroidery around the edge and on each she glued gold glitter Hebrew letters that she hand cut to spell Matzo. The kids then used markers, glitter and jewels to decorate their matzo covers that we can now use on our table at the seders next week.


Once they finished crafting, the ever so patient Daniela sat with the children to read a book about making pizza. Gavin got to play the part of the dough...


Once the pizza came out of the oven the kids were ready to EAT and boy did they ever devour it.


Lucky for you Daniela is sharing her recipe for Homemade Tomato Sauce. Enjoy!

Daniela's Uncooked Marinara Sauce Ingredients: 28 ounce can crushed tomatoes 3 ounce tomato paste 4 Tbsp Parmesan cheese 1 Tsp dried oregano 1 minced garlic clove 1 tsp black pepper 2 tsp dried basil

Directions: 1. Whisk all ingredients together. 2. Allow flavors to blend for one hour. 3. Spoon on top of your favorite pasta or pizza dough. 4. Eat and Enjoy!

Photos by Keelyn Oxley Mitchell of Oxley Photography