Pretty, Edible Valentine's


You may remember last week we set up a pretty gorgeous Valentine's Day table and invited some friends over for brunch. We had so many desserts we had to save some for another time. Well that time has come...don't hate me for having friends who can bake. Thank you Clare! This particular dessert blew my mind...a vanilla roulade with white chocolate buttercream with hearts baked in. Um...YUM! And so pretty. We spelled out LOVE in cookies and filled glass dishes and mason jars with red jelly beans to bring out tons of bright color in our table setting making it look festive for this romantic holiday. I had some leftover Coke bottles that I wrapped with satin ribbon and used as a vase for some flowers in the set up. And though we created this table with Valentine's day in mind, no one said you can't celebrate love all year round. Hugs & Kisses!

All photos were taken by the sweet Karilyn Sanders.