Red, White and Blue Hard Cider


Happy 4th of July, everyone! Are you all enjoying this lovely Holiday weekend as much as we are?


Natalie came up with the idea to make a cocktail using some red, white and blue fruit for a festive fourth beverage, and I decided to round it out by using the Dry White Cider that our friends at Wölffer sent to us to try out last month!


Here's what you need: -Wölffer Estate's Dry White Cider -fresh raspberries -fresh blueberries -fresh apples, sliced and cut into star shapes


Here's what to do: 1) Add 1 cup fresh raspberries, 1 cup fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup star-shaped apple slices to a pitcher.


2) On top of fruit, add 1-2 bottles of Wölffer's Dry White Cider, enough to fill the pitcher.


3) Cover pitcher and let sit in fridge for 1-2 hours. 4) Once you remove from the pitcher, pour into each cocktail glass, allowing some fruit to pour into each glass.


5) Garnish with star-shaped apple slice and a straw!


After we mixed this up in the studio, we took it to the pool that just happens to be on the roof of our studio building, to sip from our new Party People shatterproof Govino stemless wine glasses, and enjoy the breathtaking NYC view.  How much more America could it get?


Have a happy and safe Fourth... Cheers!