Ruby Red Gin & Tonic


I've made a lot of cocktails during my time at LMP and have loved most of them, but sometimes one just stands out from the rest... and this weeks is one of those special ones.


This Thursday, we will be co-hosting an event with our favorite handbag company, MZ Wallace, at their showroom in Soho.  For part of the event, I will be leading a cocktail demo! I knew that I had to pick a drink that would be simple, yet beautiful, so I decided to feature a fruit that has an incredible color... the winner? Ruby Red Grapefruit Gin & Tonic with Rosemary.


Here's what you need: -gin (we used Tanqueray) -tonic water -ruby red grapefruit juice -honey -fresh ruby red grapefruits -1 inch piece of fresh grapefruit peel -fresh limes -fresh rosemary -ice


Here's what to do: 1) In a cocktail shaker, combine some pieces of a ruby red grapefruit peel, a splash of ruby red grapefruit juice, rosemary leaves, 1 tbsp. honey and a splash of gin. Muddle together ingredients.


2) Once muddled, add a few pieces of ice to shaker. 3) On top of ice, add 2 oz. gin, 4 oz. tonic, 4 oz. grapefruit juice, and 1/2 oz. lime juice to your cocktail shaker. Shake well to mix.


4) Add a large ice cube to each glass. Pour mixture from cocktail shaker through strainer over ice.


5) Garnish with grapefruit wedge, lime slice and sprig of rosemary.


I love how vibrant and fresh this cocktail looks, and it is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter.


If you are in the NYC area this Thursday, feel free to join us at MZ Wallace to learn how to make this cocktail, sample it, and meet the LMP team in person! You can RSVP here. More info below!


Until next week.... Cheers!