Shoot for the Stars


It's May. So you know what that means? There are a whole bunch of kids out there who are getting ready to GRADUATE!


Ahhhhh...those were the days! I remember back to when I was graduating. I majored in economics, and had a full time job all lined up for when I returned from my graduation trip to Europe. Yep. I thought I was going to be a trader because I was shooting for the stars....

Clearly, my path changed with the market crashing and my passion for fashion and party planning inspired the beginning of Little Miss Party. 


So I found myself a job in New York City, married a guy in finance (after all that work I did in school!), worked in fashion for 10 years, had a kid, started a party planning company and here we are today.

One thing that I definitely missed out on was throwing an epic bash to celebrate my graduation from university!


So how do you throw your friend, cousin, sister...a FAB GRAD party? Let us show you...

Shoot for the Stars with this awesome set up. To start...Michelle found these fantastic 40" metallic gold star shaped balloons that we filled with helium in the comfort of our own home with a Balloon Time Helium Tank.

3G3A8734 about a "Hats off to you, Grads" balloon release!  How fun would this be? Get the young ones to help out! You can click on over to Balloon Time's site for the full DIY. It's super easy.


To drink we filled a glass beverage dispenser and propped it up onto books. Topped it with a graduation hat and we were ready to roll.


Since graduating is truly that time in your life to "shoot for the stars", we found silver balloon letters to spell this out as as backdrop on our wall...with the star balloons to finish our sentence.


CONGRATS to all of those graduating this year! How are you planning to celebrate? Tell us in the comments!

All photos by Dave Robbins Photography.