Sparkling Ice® Fruity Frozen Pops

This post has been sponsored by Sparkling Ice®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Over the years, I have met kids (some very young) who love sparkling water. Some of them I knew used to call it “Spicy Water.” My son, Gavin, developed a love for sparkling water over the recent years. His favorite is Sparkling Ice because he loves all the fruity flavors, and I love that they contain zero sugar and have just the right amount of fizz!


Now that winter is behind us (so we hope), I thought it would be fun to start keeping fruity ice pops in the freezer as an afternoon snack. Not only is this an easy idea but a great kitchen activity for the kids to help you with. After hitting the drink aisle at ACME Market to stock up on Sparkling Ice, we saw the fresh fruit and got inspired to create our own.

Here’s how we made our Sparkling Ice fruity ice pops:

  • Fill a tray of popsicle molds with fresh chopped fruit

  • Fill with your favorite flavor of Sparkling Ice

  • Add in the popsicle stick closure

  • Freeze and enjoy!

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My kids have been playing soccer after school these days and when they come inside all sweaty and tired, they now grab a Sparkling Ice fruity ice pop for a perfectly refreshing treat.

You can mix & match fresh fruit, herbs and any of the sixteen flavors of Sparkling Ice. Here are just a handful of our favorite concoctions.

  • Sparkling Ice Orange Mango mixed with fresh orange and mango

  • Sparkling Ice Orange Mango mixed with fresh raspberries

  • Sparkling Ice Orange Mango mixed with fresh orange and lime

  • Sparkling Ice Cherry Limeade mixed with fresh lime

  • Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry mixed with fresh raspberries

The pairing possibilities are literally endless!

Meanwhile...I also love these frozen treats and toyed with the idea of using them to chill and heighten the flavor of a glass of prosecco out on the deck just before sunset. Genius, right?! It worked like a charm.

The pops would also make a fun mocktail, just add one into a glass of your favorite flavored Sparkling Ice. What a fantastic way to wind down!

You can find your nearest ACME Store on their ACME Market mobile app.