Spiked Blueberry Citrus Iced Tea


People typically associate tea with colder weather, and drink it as a way to warm up and unwind after a long fall or winter day.  But I find that tea is enjoyable in all seasons.


Back when I made a video with Harney & Sons a few months ago, I made out like a bandit with a bunch of their tea, which I have been thoroughly enjoying.  With the warmer weather, I have been branching out and trying their Iced Tea flavors, which make for the perfect base for summer cocktails! This weeks cocktail came to me when I tried their Iced Blueberry Green Tea... the Spiked Blueberry Citrus Iced Tea!


Here's what you need: -Harney & Son's Blueberry Green Iced Tea -your favorite vodka (we used Tito's) -fresh blueberries -fresh lemons -fresh oranges -fresh mint -ice


Here's what to do: 1) Boil 2 cups of water and pour over tea bag into gallon container.  Let steep for 15 minutes. 2) Once tea is fully steeped, add in 6 cups of cold water.  Remove tea bag. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour to fully chill before you are ready to make your cocktails! 3) Fill each glass with ice, fresh blueberries and slices of fresh orange.


4) Measure 1 oz. of vodka into each glass on top of ice.  Fill glass the rest of the way with blueberry iced tea.


5) Squeeze a little bit of lemon into each glass, and then garnish with fresh lemon and mint.


I like tea unsweetened, but if you prefer a bit of sweetness to yours, you can add some sugar or simple syrup to taste.


Once you've reached your desired level of sweetness, sip, and feel yourself relax.


Until next week... Cheers!