Superhero Crafting with Kiwi Crate

Crafting with Luke

These days I'm looking for pretty much any cool way to entertain my kid who is totally into (in no particular order): Ninjago, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and superheroes.  You may have read about how we recently threw a superhero themed birthday party for Gavin & his friend Mike... Well at the party we sent all of the kids off with a favor from Kiwi Crate. They each got a kit to make their own superhero masks and cuffs at home. How cute?! I was pretty psyched to rip this one open... Until I looked at my calendar. How the hell do me and this kid have schedules that are so stinkin' full? So I had to ask Erin to take this one on with Lil Luke... Well boy did he LOVE it! Filling his mask up with stickers, testing out the cuffs, eating the elastic...I mean you know. This is how we craft. A brilliant party favor. And they offer so many different crafts and activities. can give monthly subscriptions. Makes for such a great birthday or holiday gift. I would have to think as a kid I'd be pretty excited to receive a new craft project in the mail every month...??!!

Kiwi Crate was so kind to send us these favor crafts to sample. All thoughts and taste tests were our own.