Tequila Sunrise


Cinco de Mayo is on Friday, and it just happens to be one of our favorite smaller Holidays to celebrate.  Any excuse for tequila & tacos... am I right?

I decided to test out a fresh and fruity tequila cocktail to get us in the spirit, and with Natalie's help, we decided on the Tequila Sunrise... a beachy favorite that we have both seen while on tropical vacations.


Here's what you need:

-silver tequila -grenadine -orange juice -fresh orange -fresh raspberries

Here's what to do:

1) Add ice to each cocktail glass.   Pour 1.5 oz. of silver tequila over the ice.


2) Fill your glass about 2/3 of the way with orange juice.  Then, very carefully, pour grenadine into glass, making sure the pour hits the middle of the orange juice.  The grenadine should sink to the bottom of the glass, making the drink a darker red on the bottom and brighter orange on the top. Do not mix!


3) Garnish with a fresh orange wedge and some raspberries, and you've got yourself a cocktail!


The name tequila sunrise comes from the fact that the separation of the darker red grenadine and lighter orange juice resembles a sunrise... get it??


I hope you get to enjoy this poolside this Friday in celebration of Cinco... looks like it's gonna be rainy in NYC, but I hope wherever you are you get some sun!