The Golden Years

It's funny when you have kids, people offer up all kinds of advice and say super cliché things like "enjoy every moment they grow up so fast". Or "enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts" - when the baby is born. Or "just wait for when they are old enough to entertain each other, those are the golden years".

All those clichés? Well obviously they are true.

YES they grow up too fast.

YES the first few months of life was 100% the honeymoon. Omg the thought of my babies lying on my chest. Those memories take my breath away.

YES...we just reached the golden years.

Sounds so glamorous doesn't it? Well I don't mean it to be. Kids are HARD no matter what age. BUT I'll tell you, this stage that we just reached certainly is a nice change from watching their every move. Always worried they will choke. Or fall and crack their skull open.

We've reached that stage where we can sit up on the deck...while they play on the swing set and dare I say...they don't need us.  It's pretty lovely.

I'm also starting to notice Gavin maturing. He shows empathy and true concern for his family and friends in a way I never knew he could pick up. Last week when we went to Paris, before leaving he said, Mom, I'd like to bring the extra "Aviator" book (a booklet from American Airlines that he gets the pilots to sign every time he flies) to Mazzy so she doesn't feel left out. I was so touched by this thought. Something I would have asked him to do if I remembered but he did all on his own.

Same goes for how he treats his brother. He's so thoughtful and caring when it comes to protecting his baby bro and making sure he's safe, especially when he's in charge while I'm off making dinner for example.

Now I know damn well these special years are going to FLY by so I'm savoring every moment of my boys taking care of each other, playing together, with friends and our family. Soon enough they'll be beating each other up and rolling through the teenager years. You guys, I've never been so terrified for something in my life. TEENS! NO! Please stay this age of 4 and 7 FOREVER!

HUGE thanks to Patricia Burmicky, Photographer & Founder of PhotoUno Photography School who I met at the most lovely Crepes party that my friend Jennifer Crêpes à la Maison for these fantastic photos of my little men. And a few that I snagged with my baby Luke.