The Holidays Are Coming


It's still quite gorgeous outside. Warm and sunny. However the summer, is long gone and over to me. My kids have been back to school for almost a week now and work is in full swing with events, shoots and major new developments ahead!

September may be the busiest month of the year for me. With all of my family and career commitments plus the Jewish Holidays that are thrown into the mix.

For ever and then some, my little guy has always loved to cook with me.  It's my FAVE. I used to carry him on my back while cooking dinner and preparing the dinner table.

He is now known as Chef Luke and has his own cooking show that he enjoys sharing recipes on and today, he's making a Rosh Hashanah essential: Challah.


I have the most fond memories of my home smelling of challah when my mom would bake it fresh for our Friday night dinner. I couldn't love the smell of it more.

Without further's Luke whipping up a challah. You will see there was an outfit change and truth be told the bread turned out to be a little dense. What can I tell ya? This chef is only 5.  He's still working on his techniques!

But not to worry...just follow the classic (award winning) recipe that we have listed below for you and you won't go wrong.