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Okay, we’re just a little excited. Could you tell?

I can’t lie. I’m summer-lovin’ girl because of the sunlight for photo shoots and abundance of flowers. BUT the holidays are really special for the whole LMP team. Fall is a crazy season for us with events all the way up until January. And I mean REALLY crazy, exhausting and endlessly busy. But luckily during the holidays, we are already spending so much time working together that we really take advantage of spending quality moments with one another over cocktails and lunches.

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And finally, come December 24th, we are rewarded with the time to rest with friends and family for Christmas. It’s like a special treat for each of us to breathe and look back at the hard work we just accomplished over the crazy months prior.

This year, we got our team together for our first celebration of the year, hoping to get a perfect photo for our holiday card. Luckily, our friends at Minted provided us with some amazing options before we landed on one that matched perfectly with our decor.


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We brought out a new color scheme this year, with an icy blue as the hero and our favorite millennial pink and silvers as our accents. We were inspired by this amazing fringe backdrop by Decorative Novelty, and the rest of the party just began to unfold...

We went crazy with metallics in our balloon garland, our disco ball topped cake by Making that Cake, and even our wrapping paper!

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Our tree was as twinkly as ever, and as you might remember from last year, Seri was VERY excited for her second year enjoying the Christmas tradition of tree decorating.

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We made delicious cocktails with champagne, pink lemonade, and cotton candy. We cut the cake. We opened gifts. And most importantly, we enjoyed the company of each other and the peaceful bliss of an afternoon break from work.

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No party is complete without a little confetti! If there’s one thing LMP knows how it do, it’s CELEBRATE! Happy Holidays from all of us!


Maggie, Seri, Natalie, and Shaylan