The hunt for the perfect eyeliner

For those of you who have been following along on the LMP Snapchat over the past month, you're knee deep in my eyeliner saga. For those who were not in the loop from the start of all this....let me catch you up to speed. Last month after the infamous interview where Matt Lauer was grilling Kellyanne Conway I noticed her eye make up was schmeared on her face and she looked like a hot mess. I ran to the mirror and realized oh for the love. MY EYE MAKE UP LOOKS THE SAME!

You see...I'm not a make up person. You know those people? Like me? Who have NO clue how to apply make up and just don't care to learn? Might be due to my lack of patience, or lack of time in the morning to get ready. Whatever it is, I just slap on some eyeliner and walk out the door.

Well thanks to Kellyanne, the hunt for the perfect eyeliner began and I shared it with you all on Snapchat and never have I received such a strong response from you all. Apparently I'm not the only one with this eyeliner issue!

Since this saga has carried on for one month now I thought it would be fun to round up some of the incredible suggestions I received. Thank you so much to all those who offered to help me out!

Yes that's right. A Sharpie. That was suggested by my Aunt Debi. Not far behind many of you who suggested I get the ducts of my eyes tattooed which I totally considered.

But it wasn't until....a few of you spotted the brand called Thrive in an ad on Instagram. After purchasing 6 new eyeliners in the short span of one month, I was ready to throw in the towel. But I thought...let's give it one last shot so I placed an order. GUESS WHAT? worked! It lasted all day! Not counting my sobbing through the Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen but from 10am until 5pm it was PERFECTLY in tact, in my ducts, no gunky build up in the corner of my eyes....YAY!

So y'all, the time has come. We will now need to obsess over something new. And I'm glad I recently asked because I got such a great response about what we should talk about next! Things like fashion in the LMP office, daily routine with kids in NYC, more on NYC (from those who live in small towns!) and the best suggestion I heard was how to make throwing parties easier. Keep watching and we will be tackling all of this SOON!

And again you guys...THANK YOU for following along, showing your interest and sharing your tips!  We love love love hearing from you and appreciate all the tips and feedback.

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