The LMP in a Box Challenge Grand Prize Winner is...

Two weeks ago we asked our followers on Instagram to enter a contest to win a Little Miss Party in a Box. We chose three of the entries and sent them each a Let's Go Outside! Party Box to host a party with and submit photos to us to then choose a grand prize winner based on style, creativity and originality.

We asked our nearest and dearest, Debi of Simply Beautiful Eating and Ilana of Mommy Shorts to be judges with us. We scored each category out of 10.

Before we announce the winner, let us show you what these gals did here...we were so impressed by how gorgeous these set ups were and how much effort each of these gals put forth. We are REALLY excited to share......

Contestant #1: Cameron Klepac @camklepac

"When I opened the box, I immediately was inspired by the little sparkly pineapple sticks and just knew coupled with my polka dot kettle, I had all that I needed for a fun birthday parTEA!"

Full Table
Floral Detail
Place Setting
Popsicle Detail
Mini Salad Bowls

LMP Comments:

Pimp your popsicle? C'mon. That's ADORABLE! Totally using that this summer. The strawberry salad in the ice cream cups? YES! So amazing. The teapot flowers? We LOVE! And how about the chairs...where did you get those? And that bench!? AH! Last but not least, that Kate Spade runner is out of this world. BRAVO. You did an incredible job!

Contestant #2: Josie Bennett @josielynnbennett

"I chose to throw a bridal party brunch complete with waffles (because we just got a snazzy waffle maker that cooks them super fast) and mimosas (of course ;) ). The supplies you sent were so easy to work with and the colors were so easy to pick out because all of that was done for me! Seriously…I think my boyfriend could have done it! *he actually picked out the plate the waffle tower is on and was crazy proud of himself. 

I used two of the extra straws, some craft paper, string and letter stickers to create a “she said yes” cake topper for the little waffle cake. Which I loved, but my future bridesmaids and moms went crazy over the wire “place cards” I made for them. I also created some wire pineapples and used some of the paper confetti from the package to add a splash of pink to the table.  

The adorable sparkly pineapples can be seen throughout the spread. Everyone also got a little bottle of maple syrup with a sweet message/ and or question hidden underneath.

Then I made sparkle champagne bottles (which I saw on your blog!!) and set up a little mimosa making station, because well #drinks "


LMP Comments:

First of all, look at how she used the crinkle paper that was in our box just as a filler. BRILLIANT! And how about her glittered champagne bottles? YES! Amazing!! We LOVE the clementines on the pineapple toothpicks, amazing!! The waffles are beyond stunning. I could never make waffles look so fantastic. And the use of the straws with the flags on top of the waffles? Get outta here. Last but not least, the jams with the hidden messages underneath? And the name cards?! Home run.

Contestant #3:Alexa Rose Brown @lexarosedear

"First off, I planned this get together on a Monday. I thought " Nah, I can handle a busy Monday. In fact, this will make it that much better!" Cue utter dissolution. Did my 45 minute meeting suddenly grow by an extra hour? Of course. Was my phone on silent while my friends called me wondering WHERE THE HECK I WAS? Yup. I'm just courteous like that. In any case, my lovely evening dinner became a sort of hustle and bustle to get food on the table, which is what made me appreciate LMP in a box to a whole. new. level. Talk about cute convenience. It's enough that all I had to do was unwrap some plastic wrap and arrange a little, do some plating, and we were in business! Imagine if I was planning on running out to the store to pick up last minute napkins or silverware in-between my meeting and our meal? I would've been toast. Embarrassed, sad, toast.

Instead, I unwrapped like a maniac and apologized to my friends an unlimited amount of times (of course they were completely fine with it, they were just chatting in the beautiful Malibu sunshine).

So here are my very favorite things about the LMP in a box:

A) I didn't have to run to the store, worry about forgetting something, OR worry about colors being cohesive! That's 3 whole "worry" moments never encountered (thank you, Little Miss 'Life-Saver').

B) It's pretty hard to mess up this kit. I mean, you could be the worst stylist in the world, throw everything still stacked in the middle of a table, and it'll still look like you put in effort. I MEAN, WHAT?! Even if you ordered take out and served it on these plates you'd feel more elegant. Just so much winning with this.

C) It promotes a gathering of friends, my all time favorite thing. Once you order this set, there is no way you aren't calling everyone you know, even if for an impromptu brunch because you can't wait for the actual event (so you order another box). Cute table setting? Of course. But the stress and planning it elevates allows for so much more time to talk, laugh, and have no dishes left to worry about.


LMP Comments: 

Ok Alexa, we are VERY jealous of your location. It's GORGEOUS! I would kill to host a party in a setting like that! Alexa's table is so rustic and inviting. Love the wrapped cutlery and delicious spread of food. LOVE the pickles and olives in the ice cream cups, the pineapples in the cheese. Oh...and just noticed you paired the rolled cutlery with the straws! That's absolutely fabulous.

Now it's time to announce the winner of this incredibly impressive contest. It was NOT easy to judge you guys. These girls ALL did an amazing job!

Each contestant was scored out of 10 on style, creativity and originality for a total score out of 30. The scores tallied by Debi, Ilana, Seri and Michelle and averaged out for a final score out of 120. Our winner scored 107.

Without further ado....our winner is Miss Cameron Klepac!! CONGRATULATIONS! We are thrilled for you. You won $100 Visa Gift Card.  We will email you when this is en route to you!

Congrats to EVERYONE who played along here and a huge round of applause for the great effort put forth by these fabulous ladies.

THANK YOU!  We love you guys...and thanks to the great enthusiasm we decided to run another contest like this again SOON!  Stay tuned.