The Perfect Party Look: Glitter Eyes


I think that it's no surprise that the ladies of LMP love glitter.  Every time I visit their studio, I trail some type of confetti or glitter home with me, and find more and more of it in random places for a good week after.

For this weeks Beauty with Brittany Lo post, I figured I would take advantage of this love of glitter, and use it as a part of Seri's makeup routine. Seri, Abby and Maggie were putting together a shoot for a partnership that will be going live on the blog next week, and they asked Natasha and I to come by and get them Beautini-fied.


This shoot was a bit sexier than usual, so we were able to have a lot of fun with each of their looks! I knew that Seri had some cool Mac glitter lying around, so I incorporated some of the gold and black glitter into her smoky eye look for an extra level of glam.


Here's how you can create this look yourself:

Step One: Create a smokey eye look as your base, which you can learn how to do here.  Skip step 4 and wait to apply mascara until the end.. the glitter will stick to it if you apply mascara to early!


Step Two: Fill a small glass or dish with room temperature water.  Take your power brush and dip the bristles into the water, shaking off any excess droplets.  Dip wetted brush into glitter, also shaking off excess. 


Step Three: Gently apply glitter to your lids by patting the brush onto your skin, applying the glitter to the area of the lid covered with eye shadow.  Dip into your glitter again if necessary.  You can also add glitter to your cheeks and surrounding eye area - go as heavy or as light as you would like!


Step Four: Spray your lids (and anywhere else you applied the glitter) with makeup setting spray.  I love the All-Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay. Apply mascara to your lashes, and you're ready to go!


Stay tuned for full party details, coming to the LMP blog next week!

Until next time...

Xo, B.Lo @brittany.lo

Photos by Maggie Antalek